LEPTON CHARITY is an initiative inspired by Laudato Si’, launched by Monasia Association in 2021.

Independent, impartial, it is not tied to any special interests.  Its objective is to respond to the upheavals of our world in the 21st century, particularly those cconnected with ESG-issues. To accomplish this mission, the Lepton Charity Initiative is committed to the the creation of a collaborative platform for sharing of engaged knowledge among the stakehoders.

One of the particularities of the Initiative is the use of blockchain technologies to meet the modern challenges and establish best practices which were impossible before. The Initiative also delivers multi-stakeholder projects that develop open, collaborative tools to provide funding for accelerating existing initiatives and creating impact opportunities.

According to a Cambridge dictionary, lepton is any very small piece of matter that is influenced by the weak force. In our case Lepton presents a donation for a common good of whatever kind you can imagine: it can be money, time, NFT, knowledge… Lepton Charity has no limits, like an ocean. Just remember how the waves form in the sea, at first no impact is visible but by the time they reach the shore, we see how powerful they are.



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